Of Charters and Accountants…

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CA’s are funny. Atleast the types Ive come across. They hold a thought of superiority over every other domain or education, consider their work as primary in the enlightenment of society, refuse to understand logic, reason or mathematics and generally hate engineers, managers, analysts, company top brass, union workers, manufacturers, IT guys, tea boys and anyone else to whom a computer does not immediately rise the word TALLY. Which, incidentally they don’t use either.

Moreover all prospective CA’s that I have ever spoken to swear by the book that they are not accountants. That I do not get. A chartered bus is the same thing as a normal bus, albeit without a set route. Why should chartered accountants be any different?

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Probably the few decades the average CA ends up travelling, taking up coaching classes, giving in examinations, internships, and a constant stare at arbitrarily cooked up numbers makes them morose at other fields that actually DO SOMETHING. Not that CA;s don’t do anything-just nothing productive. Lets take the guy turning the bolts for a living- in a perfect world he would continue to turn bolts, perhaps only better. So would the tea shop guy make better tea, and a programmer throw lesser bugs. But what about this CA? The numbers are right, the taxes paid off properly, on-pay finance guys take care of distribution of capital gain to cause least damage. And since the system gets perfect there is no longer a need to pay someone just to attest the facts with the smartly written phrase “To the best of my knowledge”.

Come to think of it, there aren’t too many people who actually make a living out of the human imperfections in this world. I stress on the word HUMAN because even in such a perfect world forces of nature such as earth quakes, cyclones, tsunamis and program bugs cannot really be avoided. So too, medical ailments such as cancer and stupidity. That makes doctors, testers, mega serial makers and the likes still hold significance. The police and military would still be necessary since these are essential roles Captain has to play in his movies. Politicians would be necessary as well to make news papers fun to read. That just leaves us with Lawyers and CA’s. And I run a co-blog on law so that still holds importance. Other than which the in depth analysis of the legal backbone that strings together the seamless functioning of societ… OK I really can’t cook up much in praise fo lawyers either, but that’s not the point here. Of course, we’d still need CA’s for finding totalling mistakes in balance sheets. Or wait a minute, we got advanced solutions such as Microsoft Excel for that!

The part that really gets funny is when a CA starts about how a marketer, engineer or a programmer is redundant. I mean, these are domains that actually do something to push a business forward. These are the components that actually make the business. The CA on the other hand is a person hired to mediate the process of robbing one’s hard earned dough over the past year by the government. Now to think of it, I guess the only reason this accountant is actually chartered is because of a fear of being murdered if on a full time roll.

Disclaimer: I hold nothing personally against CA’s.
If you are a CA and are reading this I hold back my surprise at your interest and request you to treat this as Misc.
If you are one of the CA’s that I do know you are an exception to this rule and I am not talking about you.

Financial accounting is one branch of accounting and historically has involved processes by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarised, interpreted, and communicated; for public companies, this information is generally publicly-accessible. By contrast management accounting information is used within an organisation and is usually confidential and accessible only to a small group, mostly decision-makers. Tax Accounting is the accounting needed to comply with jurisdictional tax regulations.

Source: Wikipedia  Implication: BORING!

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