Markiv Reversed

Theists call me God. Atheists call me a figment of their imagination. I don’t call me too often- the phone seems permanently engaged!

Vikram Bhaskaran. That’s my name. And that’s as much truth as you can squeeze out of me. Not that I’m a lier… I am just extremely philosophical and don’t care if I see you interpret my words wrong. Especially if it were to my advantage…

I’m a self proclaimed marketer. So much so somebody actually even pays me to do my jig. I don’t lie there though. I never do. I just claim what I believe is possibly true…

I am also a self proclaimed Devil’s Advocate. Someday I might do a course in law. Before that I might be bestowed with a honorary degree. My friends in blogdom agree to this capability of mine as well. In all technicality I am universally proclaimed Legally Awesome. Definition of Universe is not up for debate!

I am a lot of other things- Genius at work, Prolific Writer, Journalist, Racer, Weirdo, Biologist, Physicist, Political theorist, Historian, Alternate Technology Scientist and other such cool stuff. Most of which are again self proclaimed, but who cares! I believe the entire universe with the big bang, the evolution, the dinosaurs and all that just happened so a conducive environment could be created for my arrival. I hate being called a narcissist. That guy was Mark-sist… They just don’t call him that because it makes communist parties look bad.

I believe in the order of randomness. I believe the entropy in the system would steadily increase. I believe there exists a certain order in randomness. I believe sometimes I cease making sense…

As an overall disclaimer, my blogs are not me. Threats claiming to know my deep persona based on my posts will not be taken lightly. I do not hold any life threatening secrets as of this moment. In the rare chance that I do earn one in the future, rest assured that I would not be putting it up on any of my blogs, orkut, myspace, facebook or wikipedia.

And now that you are here, drop me a comment, earn me a trackback, link me on your blog and be good to me. Someday a dollar could fetch you a million dollars and then I could donate 50% of the $7 I made from adsense to you!!!

-Mark IV


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  1. 🙂

  2. Killer description… Mark-sist indeed… 😀

  3. All hail Mark the Fourth. And his cryptic About Me’s.

  4. nice blog vikram.. if you like order in disorder u will like phase locking too :O

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