All Hail Pee Eich Dee…

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Times’ been slow
Since I got my feet
Off fair grounds
And in, this deep
Leaving home
To get all wise
And before the year
Broken thrice
Crapped and pooped
In search of light
Stupidest decision
In hindsight
In comes the experienced
With wisdom, sound
Of years, stuck
Of being around
“But that’s the way
Its done, you see…
That’s the way
Of Pee Eich Dee..”

Smarten Idea-
More Ex, More Y
I need more Data
“Sir, one more try?”
A beta here,
And a gamma there
Differentiate alpha
And throw a square
But that’s just the beginning
Of this tale of woe
Partial it out
With the vector’s Doe
Wake up in the morning
And get all dressed
Then tear it out
“It won’t regress”
So the cubicle’s set
On the chair all perched
Google, Orkut, Facebook
In the name of research
Then there’s the break
As humans deserve
When you get all guilty
Try to graph that curve
“Its not linear, sir-
Its just not flat,
I can’t adjust that R-Square
Or derive Y-Hat”
Can’t question the process
Can’t scream “Why Me?”
Apparently that’s just
The Pee Eich Dee!

The day wears on,
To the break of lunch
Get off my comp
Break off that hunch
The fridge is empty
So eat out once more
Like we did yesterday
And the day before
What will it be?
We could have Chinese…
Tasteless rice
“More Tofu, please?”
Or we could go dashing
For veggies in bread
And try to remember
Those days, well fed
And there goes the billing
All my savings, spent
Seven wholesome dollars
And twenty one cents
Oh, did you expect
They’d give it off, free?
Just ‘cos I’m a poor victim
Of Pee Eich Dee?

So that all done,
Its time to rest
Admist five journals
And two more tests
That paper isn’t reviewed
And Mr.Lagrange can’t wait
But that FB game
Is too good a bait
Until you realize
Your work’s out of scope
And diversions keep pushing you
On the slippery slope
Deadlines to meet,
Motivated by fear
Wake up, realize
You’ve got five years…
Frequently questioning
The purpose of life
A longing glance
At that elusive knife
And to the end you think
What is it worth?
When all but boredom
You’re in forever, dearth…
A doctor before
And nothing much after
And you get down thinking
Does a name really matter?
Its all transient
But I’m going to flee
Adieu to you
Hail, Pee Eich Dee….


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  1. And Pee Eich Dee is something you’ve chosen yourself, right?

    Enjoy the days to come.

  2. ‘Google, Orkut, Facebook
    In the name of research…’

    Now with that, I identify!

  3. Very very enjoyable indeed. How did you rhyme so superbly like this and also make sense? Talent wonly machaan 😛

    So Ph.D a? Doctore Mark-a? 😮 😮 You surprise me wonly.

  4. Dei thambi,

    Nice writeup. But it isn’t as bad as it sounds. The 1st yr will be grueling. Afterall you are not used to such a education system. Then u will get used to it and will catch up well.

    #1. don’t think of it as 5 years. As long as you have clear objectives discussed with your prof ( and ur prof has a good reputation in letting doc’s graduate), you should complete it earlier than needed.

    #2. be on the lookout for internships/co-ops while studying. Esp in such poor economic times, companies tend to use students more than full times. This will help u understand what the industry is doing relevant to your area.

    Both these are important for your employability. Good luck. You will do well.

  5. Dai Paiya,

    Wish you more tough days as they makle tough person and as you know tough situations never stay but tough people do.

    Wish the best and best follows.


  6. nice one!:)

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