Of Years, Days and Time(s)…

November 12, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in bong, King markiV returns | 4 Comments
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It must have been about this time last year. I guess it must have because my birthdays so far have been fairly consistent in date and time. Frowning at the mokkai already? No wait, don’t close the browsers or start typing that “Happy Birthday” comment right away!

If there is one thing I really adore about my birthdays, other than the fact that I was born on that day and time, is that they are highly predictable, repeatable and fairly consistent. Love it or hate it, but wake up on the morning of the thirteenth day of the eleventh month, year after year, every year (after the mid 80s), and you can be fairly assured that its my birthday.

Well, not anymore. Longitudes, time zones and the presidential elections to blame! All my life, in physics, math and logic, I have been taught about the consistency of time (under baseline limitations- don’t get me started on poor Albert now). A good six months or so ago, I made a decision with minimal forethought on its implications on possibly the most important day in my non-research-grant-awarded, not-yet-doctrate-obtained, non-US-presidency-winning, non-married existence. I decided to follow educational pursuits half way across the globe.
Caught in a time wrap, stuck in the past by a good half day, in the place I thought was centuries advanced in thought and deed. Now if that doesn’t make this confusing enough, add a liberal dose of day-lights savings in, and there you are, with a complete loss of day, time and hour. 

I shall go with the flow of time, as great philosophers of my kind often do. Its my birthday on the 13th day of the 11th month. On the 12th hour (in the pm) of the 12th night if you will. Eastern standard time. Its my day and I shall hold it on my time!

PS: Blaming the time zone is not an excuse- if you haven’t wished me already, you will be eternally damned in hell!


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  1. Mid – 80s eh? That sounds like a relic from the past to us almost 90s.

    I haven’t wished you already and I refuse to till 12 YOUR TIME. 😛

  2. Today you are supposed to put up a post in your new domain…

  3. well well well…
    last year I was writing about people remembering my birthday and those who remembered it coz it was on Orkut and then you popped up and commented about stumbling upon an old blog and missing the bday by a hair’s breath on a mammal’s tooth!!! (a clean mammal’s tooth is what you wrote if I remember right!)
    Well, today I come upon your post and wonder of wonders! I miss your birthday by exactly the same amount of time!!!
    This is really weird mate!
    Well for what it’s worth… belated birthday wishes mate! Hope ya had a great time and do keep posting! Love ya writings!

  4. Aiyyo…I the miss your birthday. Me feeling like a dirty dish 😐 Haaaaappeeeeeeeeeeeee Buddday 😀 😀 Wish your wish comes true soon (if you have any unfulfilled that is 😉 )

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