No Longer Invisible!

September 15, 2008 at 5:46 pm | Posted in bong, King markiV returns | 16 Comments
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I got a phone
After a month of cloak
Can’t hold no longer
Thought I’d croak

So what’s the deal
So great, to speak?
What’s in a phone,
Such pride, to seek?

The model ain’t great
Plain Vanilla, the kind
But then you ask
A story, don’t mind

A good half decade
Before “G”s came thrice
Or so I should tell
My communicating device!

It started with hutch
or RPG
It was far in too yester
Its hard, you see

However then,
A postpaid run
The puppy, they claimed,
Loads of fun

and tonns o’ tone;
Downloads and stuff
sold on the phone

A wax, a wane
a month of joy,
The puppy and I
How the time did fly

The honeymoon went on
No cons, just pros
A bomb in mail
To pay through my nose

No! I said
I need a check
I’ll pay in the begining
and save my neck

Life went on,
The puppy, naught
But now he was fed
Right in the start

All was cool,
until the groups;
It was, afterall
free for coups!

“Time for change”
I said to me
“unlimited calls,
and its even free!

“I wouldn’t want to miss
Couldn’t sit back;
The puppy is nothing
against the maestro’s track”

Talk all day
Stay in the groove
Talk all night
But talk? to who?

Conference calls
All night yap
With them people
I was almost trapped

The puppy came,
A second rescue
I ran before
My brain got skewed

Changes did come
In time and place
The puppy i held,
In every face

Now so different,
I have no doubt
In the land of dreams
But the dog’s out

Free phone, they say
Free airtime, mate
Forget the puppy
Forget your fate

I got my number
A month’s gone
But (at least) I’m contactable
From night to dawn

Oh! Did i tell you?
In, Outs don’t matter
Its the time that counts
‘When’ you choose to chatter

The nights, they claim
are all just free
But anytime else,
“Oh, Poor me!”

So give me a jingle
Drop by, a voice
And if i don’t pick up
Its the time- bad choice

The globe looks nice
But nothing like being followed
By a little puppy!


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  1. LMAO….This gotta be one among the best so far!! :D. Puppy love eh.

  2. ‘groups’ doesn’t rhyme with ‘coups’. 😀

    Also i am a compulsive nitpicker.

  3. I haz iPhone 🙂

  4. @hakunamtata: hmmm… mighty fast response:D i like it too

    @divya: tell me i don’t make sense… tell me my traffic is non existent… but don’t tell em i don’t rhyme- it insults the poet in me… n i get very angry!

  5. @abhas1: blah!! i have a samsung flip that has color display and polyphonic tones… oh n btw- its FREE!

  6. First time to your Blog. Kept reading through your post for almost an hour. Good work you do and you know that too:-)

    Keep them coming:-)

  7. Ouch!*PostS* its got to be!

  8. @arch: thanks… i try 😀

  9. rhymes! 😛 good one…
    till date u have not given the reason for quitting CUG

  10. @prabhu: read dude.. read!
    Talk all day
    Stay in the groove
    Talk all night
    But talk? to who?

    Conference calls
    All night yap
    With them people
    I was almost trapped

  11. Whats all the fuss.. in the US? :O
    What with a-t and t..
    Tell me tell me.. 😀

  12. oh that i am..
    lemme tell ya, ma’am
    the US it is
    n that n this
    but i assure u its not a sham…

  13. Hey I’m in the US too..
    So how about that!
    We could meet up you know..
    over a coffee, a chat! 😀

  14. oh that id love
    im bored, u see
    and id do anything now
    for a cup of coffee…

    awesome to note
    we share this land
    but tell me where
    ur sired, grand?

    which state, which town
    which city and side
    and ill fly, ill swim
    or just share a ride 😀

  15. I’m thrilled my good man,
    For much to my dismay,
    All my Family is in the West Coast,
    While its in New Jersey I stay.

    A cup of kapi wouldnt be bad at all!
    See weather is nice here ,they call it Fall
    I dont know cos from where I come from,
    Here its gonddamn Winter, not Autumn!

    So tell me the date, the day, the time,
    The choice is yours, but the treat is mine :d

  16. nice? its freezing
    and its hardly there
    though i stay down south
    no women, fair

    i cld fly up, though
    the trip, ill make
    december shd land
    at jfk

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