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April 30, 2008 at 11:24 am | Posted in bong | 17 Comments
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Advertisements have always had a very negative effect on me. And in my line of work that is a terrible thing to say. But nothing beats the Axe Effect. To begin with, I must iterate the fact that I really like the fragrance it throws. Which isn’t saying much, considering the deo’s market capture. However what really strikes me as odd is the format of the adverts all these body spray guys take.

Lets take the Axe (Male) Bum ChikaWaWah ad and the Fa (Female) New Fragrance ad examples. Quite obviously Axe is a deodorant that enables guys to attract girls and Fa helps women woo their men. Which implies that more women must like the fragrance of Axe and more men, Fa.

Now we come to a dilemma. Does not the above implication bring to the front that Axe must have a greater acceptance and usage amongst women and Fa with men? If that be the case then are the men using Axe compromising their preference so as to gain greater audinece amongst their womenfolk and vise versa with the Fa women?

But here again we come to a dead end. Obviously men do like the powerful smell of Axe, just as they enjoy the mild aroma of Fa. And I assume women must take the same platform, only from the other side. Then both men and women like the same set of fragrances. Then why differentiate masculine perfumes from feminine? A marketing charade? Or is it all only to end that men, in their macho outfit, must wear strong over bearing odor as their dainty ladies carry on in their pink frocks and girly scents? Men sweat? In a world of air conditioned gyms and Wii? And to assume women don’t? And most girls are happier in their jeans and tees than all pinky pinky.

It all comes down to positioning. A guy can be macho in anything- Bikes, Jeans, Mobile, Shaver, Shoes… Anything. A girl can be a feminist in just the same (except the shaver. Well, maybe!) So if you are a girl, the next time you stop by the deodorant aisle at the supermarket remember- the Fa or Rexona that you buy is a statement you are making- That you would rather compromise on your interests just to smell more girly to the random guy who would stalk you anyway.

And guys, if a girl is spending a good couple of hundreds on her perfumes she probably wants you to notice it. Be a gentle man and take a few sniffs!



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  1. well said man.
    never let your individuality or preferences down for anything except for a gal like the ones shown in the Axe ads.

  2. Everyone knows Axe Effect is a hoax but still they buy one (atleast give it a try once). Always wondered how they manage to do that.

  3. well thought out, well written, well said…just dont complain the next time u go wearing fa to the club n find a guy sniffin u up.

  4. well atleast that ad means something, if not the right thing.. what wud one say of pulsar ad(the bike ad which is a treat to watch but doesnt say anything) or the saravana stores ad, or the pothy’s ad and the like

  5. Dude!!..this thing has troubled me for so long…i always wanted to pick up the axe, old spice or denim…but then the woman at the counter gives me such a look…that i say..wat the heck..i prefer my body odour than buy that ‘floral’ Fa, rexona, blah blah!!

  6. *sniff*


  7. Heheh!

    Very interesting to read, and quite logical too. Loved the bit about the stereotyping.

    But you know, I read it in Reader’s Digest that the primary sensory perception that we use while looking for mates is smell!

    Though I personally hate perfumes, or deos for that matter.

  8. Now now, not another word about the Axe ad or I’ll have to personally deal with you. So what if the product’s a dud and smells like wax? The ads more than make up for it. Remember, the ad’s the main thing here. The product’s there to help sell the ad!

  9. In a moment of deiveega lauves, en blog-la unakagu oru tribute potu vechurukken…find it on the right hand corner. Ishpeshally Unakaaga…

  10. if girls wearing a girly girl kind of perfume means compromising their interest then imagine u wearing FA and roamin around… i am sure u’ll find a Boy friend soon… u can put an end to ur singledom

  11. Quite logical ! At one point thought, it jarred a little.

    after doing some thinking, i think men dont like Fa or any other womens perfume. But for women wearing that perfume.

    I think so ! Hmm. You have made me think for quite a while. Strange. That so much thinking goes around something that goes under arm..!

  12. ermm.. i’ve been using Axe since i was 10. would that make me less feminine?

    waait.. dont answer that! =|

  13. Exactly what I am trying to tell people since past few years!
    So afterall, you do like advertising and are usually spot on when it comes to judging them too 🙂

  14. @thanashyam: ah if there is but girls like the ones in these ads why bother about individuality!

    @swamy: thats what they pay assholes like me for 🙂 you take care of the code and ill take care of the axe effect 😀

  15. @hakuna: if our sensory receptors can overtake our sexual preferences fitness one is going in for a major change over

    @hantan: nothing

    @ann: u almost sound like a gal 😀

  16. @alok: IIT? Figures!

    @santhosh: appo lets have more gilmaans on the ads…

    @prabhu: thanks dude.. means a lot that comment!

  17. @mansi: yeah, thats what they pay me for… velaikku ola vechudaadhe maa

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