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January 30, 2008 at 11:23 am | Posted in King markiV returns | 8 Comments
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I get this a lot. Random people calling me mean, those around constantly advicing me to be nice et al.

Not fair, I say. Im a very nice guy if you will… And what better opportunity to remind the world of my niceties, than the Silver Jubilee of my blog!

Speaking of which, I bring you the glorious 50th post in this little archipelago of creativity, genius, emotions and a few other words from Karunanidhi’s speech last month.

And before you ask, here are the top ten reasons why I am a really really nice guy, and why you should get to know me better if you are a girl and just click on the ad banners and be away if you are a guy-

#10 The Group Thing: Whenever I make life hell for someone in the group I make sure that everyone else there enjoys it. Goes on to show my everlasting care for greater happiness.

#9 Tip of the Iceberg: Despite the fact that the tip amount you enter on the debit card recipt cannot be debited without a swipe, I always leave a handsome tip, just to make the waiter happy.

#8 Anger Management: I never kill, hurt, insult or in any other way harm any living being. Especially humans. Ever. Unless provoked.

#7 Man of the Masses: If I have to be depressed and take a suicidal drive down the road, I try to sqeeze in as many people as I can into the car and share the adrenalin rush. Most often I tend to bring back the love of life in them.

#6 Monosyllabic Caller: If there is something uninteresting in the other side of the conversation I pull it out to the top and bring it to their notice before they proceed to make a greater fool of themselves.

#5 Psychiatrist Adviser: With the occasional few people who do come to me for advice, I make sure that they don’t go back disappointed and give an understanding nod and the best course of action then on. Even if I don’t understand a shit of what they are talking.


#4 Alcoholics Anonymous: Talking to people when I’m drunk and they are not gives me the satisfaction of them assuming that all I say is the truth and nothing but the truth and thus ultimately feeling happy about it. If you are hearing what you want to hear or even what you like, Im just not drunk enough.

#3 Rubbing Salt: Everytime I meet someone who has done something to ever feel guit or shame that I know of, I carefully remind them about it and give them a pleasant cruise of nostalgia.

#2 The Path Finder: I take it a sense of responsibility in giving clear directions to the directionless many that stop by me on the roads. In fact I take this so far as to give them a clear description even when I don’t have a clue.

#1 Call back: Not a lot of people would really be this nice, but I always make it a point to give the girl a call after some intimacy. Or at least a message. Most often after. Usually. Sometimes…


That must do it. At least 10 awesome reasons to prove I’m probably one of the few nice guys left on this planet.

Oh, and now for a vote of thanks.

At this time of the glorious 50, I take a moment to thank all those who have made this possible. I thank the jobless IT guys who despite recessions and downsizing continue to rummage around blogs and drop inconsequential comments.

I would also like to thank my critics for… umm… Actually no. I wouldn’t like to thank you. The comments continue to get moderated, I read all your comments and I don’t care if you have cracks on your butt and therefore find my posts offensive.

I would further like to thank all those who like smokes and chai. Not much direct correlation, but thank them nevertheless.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank the millions of fellow humans who I do not know and therefore don’t have to care about not thanking.

Thank you all. As a “50” treat you could click on any of the many ad banners around my site. Please. I’m very poor and the recession got to me!


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  1. Click in `any` of these banners? Arent we at our altruistic peak? 😉

  2. 1. Lol..Christ! You really are bloody mean arent you?

    2. You’re frigging hilarious despite the profound sarcasm camouflaged within your posts.

    3. If this gets posted without any…any moderation, I’ll eat my hand. 😛

  3. Yo mate! Finally, fiiinaaaalllyyyy, limped across the marker eh? No worries, you can bury yourself in that recession and click the paint off the mouse away – Google wouldn’t pay you a penny. Anubavam raasa!

    And btw, does the 50 include your old SOS-url blog?

  4. @hakuna: aren’t we always! 😀

    @confounded: 1. yes 2. is that veiled sarcasm? i take it otherwise 3. the comments before and after get put up, why shouldn’t this!

    @santhosh: been seeing the trend all along man… realization just dawned! and yeah, the 50 is just here… at markalive… all here 😀 😀

  5. semma random.. sooper comedy.. and dei naaye 50 y damage me… un bloguku perumaiye naandhan

  6. hahahaha. HILARIOUS! almost fell off my chair laughing.

    and you’re certified ISO marked mean with a capital M-E-A-N.

    Lage raho, lage raho!

    meanness = coolness =P

  7. @prabhu: what? which part got you so personally affected? the jobless blog readers part eh? just so-so my friend…

    @gayathri: yeah thats an advantage… but i really ain’t all that mean. im a real nice guy. especially to women. until i get to know them….

  8. I refuse to eat my hand.

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