My Gran caused all these Rapes

January 7, 2008 at 6:58 am | Posted in life | 15 Comments
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A quick run around- the Mumbai molestation… The Kerala gilmaans… The Chennai silmishamms

Why are women being subject to so many more tortures than they had to endure even a few years earlier? I read a news cast that says that the women are to blame for wearing such revealing clothes and inviting trouble upon themselves. So much so, a rape victim is actually the instigator and therefore the cause of the incident.

Kudos there. That actually solves a major law and order problem. All cases now can be directly attributed to the flaw of the victim. That dude there snatched your chain because you were showing it out and therefore instigated him to it. The cheat manipulated you only because you were stupid enough. The assassin shot Benazir only because she poked her head out of the sunroof. Arrest the victims!

But lets take an honest ride and see where this stems from. A little over four decades back in the generation of my gran, and continuing up until less than ten years ago, the most massive extermination of women in known history took birth in our country. Genocide starting with kalli-paal-kelavis and peaking with scientific innovation of ultrasound and abortions, at least before the government woke up to it. The result? A major tip in the male-female ratio…

Now, that means there no longer exists one woman for every man. So much for divine love and soul mates. It also means that most of you male readers hawking this post right now would live up to a ripe old age in undisputed singularity. A few could become content Buddhas, delving into the greater pleasures of philosophy, science and alcohol. Some could turn the availability scenarios in sexual preference and look for similarities in partners. But most of the dejected masculine harboring jealously, pride and beer would wreak havoc to the few that do hold their prize damsels. And that, my readers, is exactly what has been filling our papers the past few months.

Without much ado, lets get into the subject of wider interest and personal expertise… Given that the few remaining women are getting more adept and competitive, and based on the logic that the greater mass still believes that the man should be higher up the social/economic/education ladder than the woman, that makes more men who fall through on the competition to go single.

Moreover given the fact that the little ray of hope for the lower rungs are still awed by the ‘mora-mama’ syndrome, that makes more relative-less men die relative -less!

As a final straw, based on the psyche that modern women would rather find themselves in association with an already wedded/ widowed/ divorced/ available man who matches their subjective criteria despite his abjectly not-so-single status pushes the free radical even lower.

If bad did not get to worse already, post modern women sentiments (read feminist) leads to a greater number of happy spinsters and like-like bonds in the woman fraternity, which creates a bigger hole on the deficit.

Pretty soon the demand -supply gap is going to catch on… With more single men, the future generation would either have to do with a drastic reduction in the number of women or have a system of polyandry.

Assuming that the demand side pressure wins the battle (a gal-guy many-to-one relationship), a case of polyandry would ensure multiple men wedded to a single woman. Emotions apart, this would rock the stability of the human species since the gene pool of ‘n’ men would require minimally ‘n’ gestation periods.

If the supply side wins the battle (a gal-guy one-on-one… not that you pervert), and women have their say, we could expect a gradual weeding out of the genes of men who do not fall on the minimal social ladder of women. Given the current encouragement for more women to rise up the steep, that is saying something. Two generations down we would then only find the upper middle class and the BPL peoples (since they still inbreed and so don’t get wiped out).

Either way we can hope to see women holding a powerful position on the future of the species and men shadowed to a point where they need to fight to pass on their genes…

And all this because a half century back my Gran chose to have a son!

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  1. alritey, first up, if a women is successful professionaly, she chooses to be a spinster.

    now THAT is very very debatable. i know women who’ve dreamed of getting hitched the day they turned 13 and bought their very own pair of lingerie!

    and women already hold powerful positions, so the question of “someday” is irrelevant. but i’m sure both men AND women will hold powerful positions, infact they already are and i dont think there are too many ego clashes.

  2. Yes women do hold unimaginably high postitions these days, but I have a feeling its gonna a be avery long time before they are terribly dominant and overpowering.
    It is, you know, a man’s world.

    Btw, I really wish Ayn Rand were here to read your post ;-P

  3. To lay all the blame on the victim is..what they are doing.

    Well written !

  4. Nice | Good Post | Interesting | Good

    I pity these men, they must realize that what goes around comes around. They will face a day when women they love will be harassed by one like them. By then it will be too late to regret.

  5. @gayathri: i know women who’ve dreamed of getting hitched the day they turned 13
    oh… i must have mentioned the scope of ‘PROFESSION’ better…

    @confounded-lady: keep saying that the next time you get to sight a guy and then drop him eve teasing charges!

  6. Have I ever told you how this country is full of..

  7. yay! polyandry!!

    oh btw, about eve teasing — did u knw u cud file a complaint against a guy for staring at u (not u, but any girl) for somewhere around 40 seconds continuously….

    and yeah, under the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act, a guy can be charged if he prevents his wife/live-in partner from meeting her relatives or friends – technically doesnt that mean that a guy cannot stop his woman from seeing another man if she so wishes??…. and yeah, according to law, a woman can never commit adultery. If a married woman gets caught with a guy, the guy is punished for adultery.


  8. err… 😀

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  10. Dude, you gotta go a few more years back. To the age of anthapurams of India. Talk about one-to-many multiplexing!

  11. Aaah well this is what justification in India has come down to… It is the victim’s fault for wearing revealing clothes… and it’s a line toed not just by the accused (aka juhu molestation case- women were drunk and smooching hence of immoral behaviour, so they claim) but also by political parties who protect the accused from such acts.
    Funnily enough, if you’ve noticed, the Shiv Sena’s Women’s Wing which usually goes up in arms and black paint and donkeys and chappal garlands, is totally subdued this time saying the police is investigating it.

  12. dude where are these single men???…i hv only come across committed men all around!!….well written pal

  13. @abhas1: shit?

    @hakuna: ill remember that… and don’t yeah to polyandry yet dearie.. thats more than one guy ud have to message, call, cry to and manage!

  14. @santhosh: aah… nostalgic yaar ange days!

    @nihal: totally!

    @ann: am here!

  15. Alrite, alrite; uncanny resemblance here and there.

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