Infinite Infancy…. Happy Birthday to me…

November 13, 2007 at 10:14 am | Posted in bong, King markiV returns, life, work | 14 Comments

Im usually against merely accounting for one’s existence in one’s blog. Being born is truly an amazing feeling. I cannot imagine my life, if only I had not been born. Therefore my birthdays symbolize the pinnacle of achievement and duly deserve celebration.

However, its hard to find your environ adjust to these phenomena. I walk into the office, phone stuck to my ear, and get ready for the monotony I make money for. And in the place where my sparkling cubicle must have been, I find this- laptop et al…

A little running around to discover where my poor little electronics lay and finally I got it within my bounds. The key here is I was most amazed by my collegues’ trust in me- for starters, the planners were hitting dry wall till this morning when the idea to make my cube an extension of the dump came to their heads. The obvious trust that I would never cross the 10.30-11 barrier and knock in even a second earlier was truly overwhelming. More importantly, all the accumulated junk and the obvious bad stares were braved by them to gain a single moments’ satisfaction of my surprise. Had I bunked the day, they would have had to put in extra efforts to clear the mess up and answer weird stares as lesser mortals crossed the path. Yet their trust that I would turn up in any situation that could get me embarrassed is awe inspiring. This should stand testimony to the fact!

(the board reads “Go Home Vik!”. Go figure…)

Anyway, I ended up clearing my cubicle, getting rid of all that junk and making the place inhabitable again. If it were me arranging this invitation to someone else, I would have put in a little decomposing vegetable waste to make sure the entire cabin has to be fumigated before its fit to live in. But well, I guess there could be a slight possibility that the planners secretly wanted me to get back to work soon enough.

The worst part about birthdays, however, is that people assume that being as old as I am (the years must be catching on) birthdays shouldn’t have the significance they had a decade back. I noted fewer calls this year than the last three put together. And all from either friends whom I personally reminded to call me or those who still assume I’d turn 18 this year.

I asked my mom about the wonders I performed as an infant. Apparently my mom was advised by a friend to abort her second kid during the third month of pregnancy. My mom chose to ignore her reasoning- a decision she probably still regrets. I also inquired about the three wise men who knocked at our doors to tell my mom of the god-send that was to be born. She only remembers a Raa-Pichakaaran (night beggar). We were living pretty nomadic, shifting houses every few years, so the mix up is justifiable.

The day I was born is however truly like the hero intro part of a classic action movie (read Captain)… Power failure through the city, torrential rains and storms, dingy hospital… I also googled to check if the stars were in any spectacular arrangement that night. I guess the clouds obscured them from vision.

So on, I have succeeded in proving that I am a wonder boy, born to save the world from something. Its been two decades and three years since, and I’m still waiting to figure out what!


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  1. pirandha naal nall vazhthukal…
    good sruprise…
    aana oru doubtuu…
    do they need to create a mess to make ur workstation a dumpyard…
    even otherwise wudn’t it look like that… 🙂

  2. Hey dood,

    …and endha, ahem, workplace ku dhan ennayum izhukka parkuriya neenu? 😉
    it rawks man!

  3. happy birthday!

  4. 1. You’ve gotten Fat. shame on you
    2. I hate the shirt.
    3. Cut your hair.


  5. LOL!!
    A cute post & wat a work place whoaaaaaaaaaaa 😛

    Jokes apart.

    Best wishes & Belated birthday wishes!! 🙂

    Have a great year B’day baby! 😉


  6. You’re workplace looks like my room.
    lol…Happy birthday Mark!

  7. hey vix..happy b’day..nice suprise for from in ur office huh…

    thingy1::How the heck did u manage to become so fat??

    thingy2:: whats wrong with ur hair ishtyle.?

    thingy3:: the only thing tat looks the same is ur smile and the way u look around!!

  8. ur mother chose to give birth to thinking that u had it in u to be jus like the girl genius born exactly a yr before in kerala…..
    dude wats up wid u looking like a sadhu baba now…u wer supposed to be an arm candy??…work pressure???

  9. my god, what a nightmare!
    but happy birthday!

  10. belated birthday wishes. god bless and hope you had a blast.

    and when you DO finally figure out how to save the world from something, DONT wear your undies over your pants. try something new.

  11. Tagged!!

    YOu’d better wake up from whatever your doing and post!



  12. Belated bday wishes!

    And hey, you never know, that raa-pichakaran might have been some kind of deva in disguise.

  13. They say oppportunity knocks on the door — in ur moms case, twas probably thE raa-pichakaaran — tcha, she missed it!

  14. You’ve got it all wrong dude.. something / somebody must save the world from YOU and not the other way around.. LOL
    (reading ur blog after a really long time hence the late comment)

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