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October 26, 2007 at 7:26 am | Posted in bong, work | 8 Comments

Most of the film industry in the subcontinent, especially the ones down south, seems obsessed with colleges and the fun life it carries. Learning the essence of life from movies and video games, I braved my better foot forward into engineering with hopes of dudes in bikes, gorgeous women that had been jealously guarded from our childhood eyes to enhance the joy of first sight at adolescence. I imagined gangs lined up against walls specially constructed for that purpose, enjoying the little pleasures of life. I dreamed of parties through the nights, the fights and the fun.

My college did not have the trees I thought it would. It was hot, but what else could I expect out of Chennai. The sand was red. For a moment I thought we had gone a bit off track and landed in the Thar dessert, and looked for camels. When all I saw was a couple of water buffaloes I was convinced of the presence of some far away puddle and concluded I was still in the coastal town I intended to be in. That’s when I saw the board that said ‘Pondicherry- 170 kms’. I was technically in a different city… Almost bordering the state I had so happily grown up in. In fact, if this had been the pre-independence times I would technically be on the Anglo-French borders… Should I culturally adapt to the differences? Would the guys at the canteen say ‘Bon Appetite’? And whatever would happen if a full blown similar to the hundred years war rolled in? Would I be stuck between the warring factions? Would Joan request me to join her ranks? I had pledged the next four years of my existence to this elite grad school and that would be were my loyalty would lie…

Studying in one of the top institutes isn’t a lot of fun. Remember the nerds you pulled digs at back in school? Now they are back in droves, and that’s all there is. If there is one thing worse than having to sit next to a drooling idiot, its having to sit in the midst of forty odd drooling idiots. Eight hours a day. Thirty days a month. Six months a semester. For the whole of eight semesters.

The break came, as they always do. As was customary since my school days, I went out to clear the buffer from my output system and refill some inputs for sustenance. I walk back in, and everybody is already on their seats. Studying! I turn around hoping to find some older being controlling the masses and find none. Apparently the class decided to make good use of the limited time before them. After all a mere 4 years consisting of 2 semesters each isn’t quite a lifetime. Oh, and did I mention- this was the FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE!

Yes, now I’m done with that part of education and have even let a few years flow by. But the terror of the moment still grips me tight. And the next time I see Murali (ever collegiate Tamil star of Idhayam fame), I’m planning to pay his capitation and force him to try engineering once before disillusioning youth.


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  1. I empathize!!

    If theres one thing worse then sitting among forty drooling idiots, its being considered to be one among them!!

  2. I have an irresistable urge to ask you which college you studies in, but gues we’ll leave that for an other day (or will we?)

    I can very confindently declare that my feelings were at least a hundred times more profond as yours on my first day of college (Courtesy: My (in)famous college)

    Oh well…so much for geeks.
    Peace! 🙂

  3. haha.. this was EXACTLY how my school was.. so i can imagine what you were going through..

    i’m SOO glad college happened and shook me out of the lull i was in..

  4. lol!!’s quite something bein wid nerds..esp in college & esp thanks to all the false-fantasies we’re lured into by cinema!! but believe me wen I say tat u dnt wanna be stuck in a place were u r a ‘know-it-all’ wen consider urself just above average…
    Anyhow it’s just a question of how u find a way & do watever u ever wanted to..cos tis is the best part of ur life after all!!

  5. Hello, Mark!
    Very good text, thank you.
    have a good weekend

  6. Wait a second..then are the arts/humanities section constantly in a world of fantasy?

    (Yeah, couldn’t come up with a better comment/question) 😀

  7. I like the way you write- I enjoyed this post 🙂

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