How to woo a lady part 2

October 19, 2007 at 11:00 am | Posted in bong, How To | 6 Comments
– Bowling a maiden over….

The cricket fever is running high again. You know its happening every time kids choose to play with pads and crushed paper balls, when all small talk gets skillfully crafted towards Steve Wazzisname’s glorious whatever against whoever, whenever… But you might as well know its taken over when you see a greater crowd outside Vivek and Co than near the closest tea shop…

Cricket, as most would willingly testify, is not just a game of skill, dexterity or predictability. Especially in our country where it is neither. With a billion hearts tied close and dear, cricket often passes as the romantic passion of the masses.

Being as far away from the sports grounds in school as logic would permit enabled me to be highly ignorant of the daily nuances of the holy eleven. After all, a stick trying to defend three other sticks from a sphere is not something I would tax my intellect with.

The greater realities of life came to the fore only much later. Nerds and geeks suddenly lost the battle against the jocks. My more ‘sportive’ friends woke up to the admiration of beautiful damsels in distress. If they were your Sachins and Laras I would have gladly taken the punch in good humor. Sadly the few I talk about here could not swallow the surge of flash lights.

Being chivalrous sportsmen, our heroes in the making assumed life ‘made’ with a good century to back them up and a gorgeous classmate to cheer. Unfortunately, women, being what they are, eventually got bored of sitting in the heat all day only to be welcomed by a sweaty, arrogant boyfriend. Now, our guys may massacre speed-of-light balls but the powerful arguments of a woman, without premise, statistics or data to back a conclusion requires a stronger mind. The naive stars on the field could not rise to such concentrated levels of idiosyncrasy and started getting confused about where to defend their stick and where to stick their defenses.

It was at least a couple more years before the tides began to shift back to us, but the experience taught me an important life-lesson: You may bowl a maiden over, but the game is over if you can’t play a silly point.


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  1. i still dont understand how so many people waste 8 hours of their life being tied to TV. 20-20 was kinda ok with all those cheer leaders and commercialisation n all. I hope they make that as the default format.
    And as for “Nerds and geeks suddenly lost the battle against the jocks”
    watchout for my next post on geek culture..

  2. The guy on field playing a sport is believed to be a strong and rugged guy… this belief is to an extent is inline with your How to woo a lady part 1… but though sports is not any vice…

    But then the game is not just about getting one “maiden over” but to score the maximum and send the ball over the boundary

  3. yea i hate cricket too.. *hi five*

  4. Are you even alive ?! Where are the phone calls mr marketeer!

  5. Thanks!
    I think cricket is totally overrated..and apart from that, Its just so annoying! How anyone can watch hours of people hitting a ball is beyond me! Anyway! Keep up the great posts!

  6. i lub the new 20 20 format!

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