The Warrior King

September 24, 2007 at 1:55 pm | Posted in King markiV returns, work | 6 Comments

Theesh, one of my friends from college, has come up with this amazing online game. I’m trying to sound as unbiased as I can, but the game is just simply amazing. Very simple to play, intelligent, and never ending. All the ingredients to fill the life of my kind of random-surfers-looking-for-some-entertainment folks.
For one, I am not too much of a gamer. Ever since I broke my arrow keys playing NFS and Roadrash (ok, I’m old!) I have been maintaining a safe distance from these evils. And a purely strategic game that relies more on planned precision than multiple ramming on the keyboard (read MK4) has only been a dream so far.
The Warrior King truly lives to this expectation. In fact I am really surprised with the professional UI and work path these guys have figured!
The game opens with you naming yourself as ‘King’ of some random place, with a fixed amount of dough, food and people. As in most games, all these guys are born farmers. I was hoping to consecutively train these people to anything, but their educational background only lets them get admission into some B school and become Traders. Or maybe thats how it starts. Would have to get it cleared by Theesh.

The cool part is the planned build up of an army, where you hand pick not only the different cadres with archers, cavalry and infantry, but have to separately supply them with their weaponry as well. I don’t know if the ranks of soldiers and their weapons get researched and upgraded as one scales up in the game, but if it does it would be even cooler. Theesh has always been inspired by spying and espionage so it doesn’t surprise me that he has given in-depth importance to Surveillance and Intelligence.
The only part that I’m not really too happy about is the Battles. I think there is some internal program that makes me consistently loose. I mean, an army the size of Pamela Anderson’s…. fan club. And still, I loose…
I simply ascribe that to a minor bug these guys overlooked!
Check it out at
Anyways, I would seriously recommend anybody flying through this space to give this game a try. Especially assuming you are at work and jobless enough to surf around looking for reads (there aren’t any agents and stuff, so if your browser is javascript enabled you shouldn’t face any issues!)



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  1. Dheesh is a bundle of creativity… when everyone opted for IT he chose photography… now he has come with a online game.. cool man…
    just checked the site it looks rocking…
    don’t have much work in office today so let me jump into the war

  2. Vikki,

    Are you feeling bored without anything to do ? You must be missing me 🙂

    G – The Boss

  3. @prabhu-> sorry for the butchering your army mate… all’s fair in love and war! (especially in love- now you know why the fairer sex always has the go!)

    @G-> no sir… yes sir… anything you say sir… september sir…

  4. He!He! What’s ur score now?

  5. sounds like a fun game.. will give it a whirl.. 🙂

  6. Ur mention of NFS leaves me blushing…*blush blush*

    its like God to me nowadays…..theres something to playing NFS in economics class, with the headphones hidden in your hair ( no, we dont compromise on the sound either)……… 😀

    btw, awesome game

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