90s Resurrection

September 13, 2007 at 12:25 pm | Posted in bong, King markiV returns, life | 12 Comments

SantHosh is, beyond doubt, the ambulance of this little space I have here. Why, this is the third time already that he has intervened, seemingly electrocuting my already dead head, but actually resurrecting my writing…. Sivaji style!

Anyways, this asks for 10 things I miss about the 90s. Being the block head that I am, the straightforwardness of the tag eludes me. If it translates to 10 things from my life of the 90s that I miss, I should say-

99: The TMT- Thara Amikku Thinnu (Open, press, eat), a stick kind of gooey chocolate from nestle that had us addicted. Having to resort to threats, plunder, malice and deceit for the huge investment (One rupee was a luxury back then- Im from ‘suffering family’!)

98: First actual crush that seemed to evolve into something more. Yes- I ACTUALLY WALKED her all the way to her place. And even pushed my cycle along. That the entire trek lasted less than 10mins is of no concern… And the warmth when she waved ‘HI’ in class the next day, despite the fact that she was talking to a horde of other guys, her arm wrapped around something of an intermediate.

97: Well versed in the F word, occasional use of the M word and attempts at entering the ROCK world by resorting to Colonial Cousins ( a mistake that would paint my life in absolute silence, to this day!). Primeval gangs getting formed. Breaking away from the retards who refused to grow beyond screaming ‘MISS’ (we now say MA’M), and wouldn’t be generous with their Fs and Ms.

96: Back from the US, armed with powerful words such as fuck and gay. And a deeper insight into the actual process of baby forming. Up until then it was all ‘switch the light off and join two flowers’ (thinking back, it surprises me that such simple anatomical differences did not enthuse my curiosity!)

95: Holding heated discussions about why marriage is an insane institution (I still say that, but remember- Girlfriend and LOUWE were evil words then- worse than fool and Bledddy Fool!!!). The high point is asking people to stretch their lips with their fingers and try to say RUBBER… which would sound like LOVER. And create a hue and cry about the BAD WORD!!

94: Understanding that running in second to class does not form enough evidence to conclude the other party has an upper hand in the blame game. Constructing the first ever interrogation theory- ‘confessing to a crime before questioning, is no good’. Of course, later I removed the ‘before questioning’ part.

93: Living in the delusion that the prize I won for western music was actually well earned. That Mr. Felix was the master of Mozart, Beethovan, Bon Jovi and The Undertaker. And that ‘Bombay Meri Hei’ was the coolest song ever invented.

92: Convincing the maid to part with her 50paise against the promise that I won’t call her DEE (yes I was a budding marketer and an apparent chauvinist even back then). Enjoying the pleasures of Paal Gova (=Milk Guava … go figure!) with my well earned booty.

91: Looking at dad painting our old scooter a shade of bluish pinkish brownish whitish yellowish red… and excited that it ACTUALLY looked good.

90: Waking up one fine day to hear that the Prime Minister was assassinated. And rolling back to sleep without much care.

But in case the tag talks about 10 things from the 90s that’s never coming back, there are quite a few stupidities back then-

Standard essay and elocution topics such as ‘The world in 2000’: I actually heard one say teachers will be replaced (notice the usage of the word WILL against lesser equals- may be, COULD or there is a possibility that…) by robots and there will be no cars- only space crafts, and people will transit between Earth and Mars for work and all that… And it was already November 1999!!!

Sky rocketing Arisi Mittai (Rice Sweet= rice coated with disgusting multi colored sugary stuff) sales, just because of the WWF stickers you got free with it.

Trump cards- WWF Trump, Cars Trump, Bikes Trump, Trump trump… Screaming CLASH after every card, just so you get it first in case there is a tie… and eventually fighting over who said it first when there actually is one!

Star TV and Cable TV being luxury items. Being content with DD, and yet actually having something worthwhile on cable.

VCRs… Renting cassettes off the store round the corner, quickening a three hour movie to the minimal time, and then returning it saying the quality was too poor and you won’t pay.


Post cards… Actually, I’ve never sent one EVER except when I was forced to, as part of a school project, and I never got it till date (I lived exactly 5 metres away from my school!)

No caller Ids. Blank calls and ‘guess who’ games were so much more fun.

Ambassadors as status symbol of the rich… Contessa as that of the classy…

College was a place where guys rode in with long hair, baggy trousers and Yamahas… And always picked up gorgeous looking girls with no holds for economic backgrounds, caste, creed or arrears…

And before I pack along let me continue the holy task of resurrecting other fellow bloggers from the epidemic-

Mayth– for enquiring about my death

Mocking Spirit– Just to poke you and make sure your are really dead

Abhas– I really like doing this!

Appu– so I pass on some traffic to you… Better return the favor

Arthy– for keeping at least the chatbox in my blog alive this past month

Anand– for being the nice guy who actually responds to tags and stuff…

Erce– beautiful girls are a rarity



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  1. ” The high point is asking people to stretch their lips with their fingers and try to say RUBBER… which would sound like LOVER.”
    Oh! I could make ppl do that forever, back then of course few people dint even get it for the first few times, PSBB circa ’95, such dimwits.
    And,’VB’, how could you forget the great treasure hunt, back in ’94, the all hell breaks loose ‘city of god’ style gang wars of ’98, the class politics of ’99, that would make chanakya rewrite his magnum opus, Arthashaastra! But perhaps the real high point of our primary school life in the 90’s was befriending Michael Jackson’s brother R.A and handing over him a list of toys to be delivered to our homes, circa ’94. Honestly i think you should mention the first time we watched that bad second grade “porno” which actually turned out to be cindy crawford’s “Fair Game” (1996)

  2. “10 things u miss about the 90’s”
    – which part of this are your neurotic synapses confused on?
    nallaru da!!!

    ‘world in 2000’ – marakka mudiyuma?
    this along with ’50 yrs of independence’ and ‘women empowerment’.
    wish topics like ‘premarital sex’ and ‘ban orkut?’ were available then…

  3. @swamy-> thank you. im sure my readers now have a deeper insight into my juvenile fallacies than before… yerkanave oorle oru paya ponnu thara maatengaraan… idhule ippadi oru history vera!!!

    @santhosh-> my neurotic synapses burst a few posts back. now i just have a jumbling concoction of illegible goo
    topics like premarital sex were not much popular back then since the greater understanding was that legit kids were born by ‘turning the lights off’ while illegit by products of rape were borne by kissing!!!!

  4. I posted!

  5. @mock-> i congratulate

  6. Looks like a fun-tag. A blast to the past. Cant wait to do it.
    But until then, I ask thou a humble question… ‘COMA???????!?!?!?’

  7. @myth-> AAMA

  8. “Trump cards- WWF Trump, Cars Trump, Bikes Trump, Trump trump… Screaming CLASH after every card, just so you get it first in case there is a tie…”
    ah… 5th standard… amazin days man… hitman rank one and undertaker rank 2… ric flair had the most no. of fights fought and fights won… [:)]

  9. Reading that makes me realize how completely different my childhood was from yours…. your life sometimes seems soo foreign to me…

  10. sooooopar appu, interesting post.

    No caller Ids. Blank calls and ‘guess who’ games were so much more fun.

    forget blank calls, prank calls man!!!!

    p.s.thanks for tagging!

  11. @crazy-> yeah… i just realize im really old when i relate WWF to papa shango, tatanka, yokozuna, giant gonzalez, british bull dog and other dinosaur era fighters… but well, at least back then i thought it was real!

    @shama-> yup… lucky for us you skipped through the rendu-rooba-rasna fighting ages and dropped by when we we realized fighting over women cld be more MANLY

    @erce-> true, buit i hear making prank calls is actually punishable by law so im not talking too much there!:-)

  12. Alright. Untagged.
    Sort of… :-s

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