The Warrior King

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Theesh, one of my friends from college, has come up with this amazing online game. I’m trying to sound as unbiased as I can, but the game is just simply amazing. Very simple to play, intelligent, and never ending. All the ingredients to fill the life of my kind of random-surfers-looking-for-some-entertainment folks.
For one, I am not too much of a gamer. Ever since I broke my arrow keys playing NFS and Roadrash (ok, I’m old!) I have been maintaining a safe distance from these evils. And a purely strategic game that relies more on planned precision than multiple ramming on the keyboard (read MK4) has only been a dream so far.
The Warrior King truly lives to this expectation. In fact I am really surprised with the professional UI and work path these guys have figured!
The game opens with you naming yourself as ‘King’ of some random place, with a fixed amount of dough, food and people. As in most games, all these guys are born farmers. I was hoping to consecutively train these people to anything, but their educational background only lets them get admission into some B school and become Traders. Or maybe thats how it starts. Would have to get it cleared by Theesh.

The cool part is the planned build up of an army, where you hand pick not only the different cadres with archers, cavalry and infantry, but have to separately supply them with their weaponry as well. I don’t know if the ranks of soldiers and their weapons get researched and upgraded as one scales up in the game, but if it does it would be even cooler. Theesh has always been inspired by spying and espionage so it doesn’t surprise me that he has given in-depth importance to Surveillance and Intelligence.
The only part that I’m not really too happy about is the Battles. I think there is some internal program that makes me consistently loose. I mean, an army the size of Pamela Anderson’s…. fan club. And still, I loose…
I simply ascribe that to a minor bug these guys overlooked!
Check it out at
Anyways, I would seriously recommend anybody flying through this space to give this game a try. Especially assuming you are at work and jobless enough to surf around looking for reads (there aren’t any agents and stuff, so if your browser is javascript enabled you shouldn’t face any issues!)

I Forget…

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Right from the wake, I knew there was something different about today. Perhaps just a gut instinct, but I couldn’t quite point the figure at something. I tried to think of the dream I had, but to no avail. Was it the same as yesterday? Maybe… Try as I might, I could not close it down…

The coffee was cold and stale. Is this how I like my coffee? I am not too sure. The last time I woke up in time to drink the coffee hot was at least half a decade ago. Or was it? Has it been that long? DO I really like coffee? Is this coffee in the first place?

Settling down with the paper. The Hindu has always brought me sufficient read to enhance my mornings. Always? Did I not prefer Deccan Chronicle for pure entertainment purposes? Considering the Hindu is pro communist, should I not loathe it? Do I? Am I anti communist??

Anyways, shifting to the actual news in the MetroPlus column, my eye falls on an interesting article about Alzeimer’s Disease. I remember to link it down for reference.

The story talks about the probability density of Alzeimer’s amongst the ‘post 80 but still alive’ populous at one in five, and the density greatly reduces amongst the younger crowds. Since the probability doubles with every 5 years post 65 and comes to 1:5 at 80, it must be approximately 1 in 10240 at the age of 25. However, since the factors are much less pronounced at the younger ages, the ratio comes to about 1 in 1,000,000. My peers have always told me that I am one in a million. Now that gets me scared. If only I can remember what it was…

Still not convinced (probably since it took me ten minutes to get through each word, by which time I forgot what it was), I dedicatedly mapped each of the symptoms to incidences.

Difficulty in performing simple tasks such as making tea: Sheeks, I realized I couldn’t make tea. In fact, I have never been in the know how all my life. I must be a severe case!

Forgetting appointments and meetings: Strike again! Mobile alerts, google calendar alerts, and reminders on my desk, while I overlook my inability in the previous quote to drink tea made by the obviously non-Alzeimer nair outside office.

Language Difficulties: Totally. I cant get Hindi beyond ‘Mera Naam Markiv Hein. Mein Das vi Kaksha Padutha hoon’. Too bad it had to metamorphose into the official high society babe lingo just when guys were evolving from Machan to Dude!

Confusion of place and time: Happens all too often. I once woke up at 3 in the morning and demanded Curd Rice from the room service (across 7 seas and mountains). Of course, I would now know that the apparent blame on Jet Lag was merely superficial

Lack of Judgment, such as being insensible to traffic: I lived in Bangalore for a good half a year

Problem with balancing cheques: I tried making a cheque leaf stand on one finger… Gets blown away every time! You might blame the wind, but we both know beyond reasonable doubt what the real reason is!

Misplacing keys and keeping objects in inappropriate places: Keys are perrineally misplaced, so much so that they have carved themselves a place on the couch. And keeping things in inappropriate places- I wear my wallet on my butt (with a little length of cloth in between called the trousers)

Mood fluctuations: Too often. I realize I fluctuate from happy (salary time), to spend thrifty (first 10 days), to miserly (last 10 days) to anticipating (last few). Hungry at 11, stuffed at 2, hungry at 4, full at 9, sleepy at 11, and more sleepy in the mornings.

Changes in personality: Depends on who I am

Lack of initiative: Life is boring enough for me to write a length on an article from MetroPlus!

So I realize its something serious. I had to remind myself- Gajni style. And the tattoo I printed reads ‘MetroPlus AD’. I try to remember what it was about ‘Hagar the Horrible’ that I so badly wanted to write about….

So, do you think YOU are demented? Tell me why and if its good enough I’ll forget it!


This post was meant to be purely humorous, so if this actually offends you in someway, don’t read it.

Alzeimer’s is a condition that cannot be prevented, but with early care it can surely be controlled to make the patients lead a better life. Check these guys out for more details

I forgot what point three was.

90s Resurrection

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SantHosh is, beyond doubt, the ambulance of this little space I have here. Why, this is the third time already that he has intervened, seemingly electrocuting my already dead head, but actually resurrecting my writing…. Sivaji style!

Anyways, this asks for 10 things I miss about the 90s. Being the block head that I am, the straightforwardness of the tag eludes me. If it translates to 10 things from my life of the 90s that I miss, I should say-

99: The TMT- Thara Amikku Thinnu (Open, press, eat), a stick kind of gooey chocolate from nestle that had us addicted. Having to resort to threats, plunder, malice and deceit for the huge investment (One rupee was a luxury back then- Im from ‘suffering family’!)

98: First actual crush that seemed to evolve into something more. Yes- I ACTUALLY WALKED her all the way to her place. And even pushed my cycle along. That the entire trek lasted less than 10mins is of no concern… And the warmth when she waved ‘HI’ in class the next day, despite the fact that she was talking to a horde of other guys, her arm wrapped around something of an intermediate.

97: Well versed in the F word, occasional use of the M word and attempts at entering the ROCK world by resorting to Colonial Cousins ( a mistake that would paint my life in absolute silence, to this day!). Primeval gangs getting formed. Breaking away from the retards who refused to grow beyond screaming ‘MISS’ (we now say MA’M), and wouldn’t be generous with their Fs and Ms.

96: Back from the US, armed with powerful words such as fuck and gay. And a deeper insight into the actual process of baby forming. Up until then it was all ‘switch the light off and join two flowers’ (thinking back, it surprises me that such simple anatomical differences did not enthuse my curiosity!)

95: Holding heated discussions about why marriage is an insane institution (I still say that, but remember- Girlfriend and LOUWE were evil words then- worse than fool and Bledddy Fool!!!). The high point is asking people to stretch their lips with their fingers and try to say RUBBER… which would sound like LOVER. And create a hue and cry about the BAD WORD!!

94: Understanding that running in second to class does not form enough evidence to conclude the other party has an upper hand in the blame game. Constructing the first ever interrogation theory- ‘confessing to a crime before questioning, is no good’. Of course, later I removed the ‘before questioning’ part.

93: Living in the delusion that the prize I won for western music was actually well earned. That Mr. Felix was the master of Mozart, Beethovan, Bon Jovi and The Undertaker. And that ‘Bombay Meri Hei’ was the coolest song ever invented.

92: Convincing the maid to part with her 50paise against the promise that I won’t call her DEE (yes I was a budding marketer and an apparent chauvinist even back then). Enjoying the pleasures of Paal Gova (=Milk Guava … go figure!) with my well earned booty.

91: Looking at dad painting our old scooter a shade of bluish pinkish brownish whitish yellowish red… and excited that it ACTUALLY looked good.

90: Waking up one fine day to hear that the Prime Minister was assassinated. And rolling back to sleep without much care.

But in case the tag talks about 10 things from the 90s that’s never coming back, there are quite a few stupidities back then-

Standard essay and elocution topics such as ‘The world in 2000’: I actually heard one say teachers will be replaced (notice the usage of the word WILL against lesser equals- may be, COULD or there is a possibility that…) by robots and there will be no cars- only space crafts, and people will transit between Earth and Mars for work and all that… And it was already November 1999!!!

Sky rocketing Arisi Mittai (Rice Sweet= rice coated with disgusting multi colored sugary stuff) sales, just because of the WWF stickers you got free with it.

Trump cards- WWF Trump, Cars Trump, Bikes Trump, Trump trump… Screaming CLASH after every card, just so you get it first in case there is a tie… and eventually fighting over who said it first when there actually is one!

Star TV and Cable TV being luxury items. Being content with DD, and yet actually having something worthwhile on cable.

VCRs… Renting cassettes off the store round the corner, quickening a three hour movie to the minimal time, and then returning it saying the quality was too poor and you won’t pay.


Post cards… Actually, I’ve never sent one EVER except when I was forced to, as part of a school project, and I never got it till date (I lived exactly 5 metres away from my school!)

No caller Ids. Blank calls and ‘guess who’ games were so much more fun.

Ambassadors as status symbol of the rich… Contessa as that of the classy…

College was a place where guys rode in with long hair, baggy trousers and Yamahas… And always picked up gorgeous looking girls with no holds for economic backgrounds, caste, creed or arrears…

And before I pack along let me continue the holy task of resurrecting other fellow bloggers from the epidemic-

Mayth– for enquiring about my death

Mocking Spirit– Just to poke you and make sure your are really dead

Abhas– I really like doing this!

Appu– so I pass on some traffic to you… Better return the favor

Arthy– for keeping at least the chatbox in my blog alive this past month

Anand– for being the nice guy who actually responds to tags and stuff…

Erce– beautiful girls are a rarity

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