Who will cry… If they were your neighbors!

August 5, 2007 at 7:54 am | Posted in bong, King markiV returns | 9 Comments

Santhosh got this amazing idea of dream neighbors he’d love to have…. And thinking about it, here goes my list of neighbors (If you have no clue about why Im writing this, drop by santhosh’s post and clear up)

I’d be really pushed to say I want ‘hot chick’ right next door. But then, on second thought, if im imagining things, Id rather she lived within MY door!

contender 2 would be Little Sooooper Star Simbu (Chimbu?). But well, then again, Id like to have him stay in a maatu kottai. And since it would be too much of an insult to the cows (maadu= god here), the cows can stay in the house. (Although their kaalai kadamaigal shall only be in the maatu kottai, to provide the apt ambience for our little super star). contender 2 is highly interchangable with wazzisname who starred in Monisha-en monalisa

contender 3 is George W Bush. I assume the only place he wouldn’t bomb for financial gain is his own backyard- so atleast my house is safe!

contender 4 is Sonia Agarwal with “actress” sneha on a twin sharing basis. Red colored street lights are good for the eyes!

contender 5 is Paerarasu (sorry to steal your neighbor, santhosh). I’d just sit through with him during his deep story-line thoughts. Maybe Id learn a thing or two about getting the courage to go ahead with an idea that is an isult to the intelligence of even a UN sec general

contender 5 would definitely be Michael Moore. Evenings when Mr. Paerarasu is busy doing something more productive (like… umm… err… HYPOTHETICALLY) id entertain myself listening to how Bush is planning to kill our entire neighborhood by planting snort sensitive explosives in our kleenex

contender 6 is Gen. Mushraff. Its my good deed of the day, trying to find a home for the homeless. Moreover, it would be fun to watch Mushraff congratulate Simbu and Paerarasu for their contribution to art, plan driving them out of the neighborhood with Bush, squel it out to Moore and take refuge at Sneha’s!

contender 7 is Superman. Finally, id get to bawl and show who’s more powerful. Superman does not exist… I rest my case!

Note: I am also assuming I have a nice hummer and I can run any neighbor down when I wish!


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  1. only contender 4 sounds acceptable, but Ms.Agarwal has officially entered her Auntie phase, so cancel that. You should consider actory Vijay, think about the scores of area boys lining outside to get his autograph, you can make some money with, more than the money you get by using ADSense on your blog πŸ™‚

  2. @swamy: well contender 4 is more for the environment they provide,(what with all the red lights and uncles in jibba with diary)than the publicity…
    moreover, i don need vijay for that- even getting autographs from 7-G hero’s fans (which is an irrational complex negetive number) would beat my adsense income! (readers, kindly 1 amukku on adsense dabba for markiv benifit fund)

  3. “Evenings when Mr. Paerarasu is busy doing something more productive (like… umm… err… HYPOTHETICALLY)”

    dont u have any respect for national heroes??? [:P]

  4. perarasu my neighbour
    perarasu ur neighbour
    => …..
    nooooooo [head suthifying smiley]

  5. You have SOME imagination ! I am happy with my present set !

  6. Bush wouldnt seem like a good idea for you…coz he’d be contender number one in my list..and by transitive property (or the likes), that would mean WE’D be neighbours…and ultimately drive to a conclusion that I’d have to bear the brunt of watching all you guys drool over Sonia and Sneha (ahem!)….
    but if it means I’ll live bang opposite super man..
    I’m game πŸ˜‰

  7. @crazybugga: oh i greatly respect mr.paerarasu’s productive thought line. being a god fearing theist i revere things i cannot realize with my human perceptions

    @santhosh: enna seiyye pangaali… high demand… can u manage with nadigal 7-G ravikrishna instead?

    @kavi: its ppl like u who make geniuses like robin sharma, santhosh n mark iv futile!

    @mayth: cool… i ve one more person to run over! πŸ˜‰

  8. u missed Mr. Mansoor ALI khan… he will bring u good luck if u see him everyday morning, so it will be good to have him as ur neighbours

  9. Dude….where are you?

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