Science wins Technology- Hands down

August 17, 2007 at 6:22 am | Posted in bong, work | 14 Comments

Technology and its daily nuances don’t affect me half as much as its elder brother- science usually does. That apart, the recent unveiling of the Audeo has had me quite enthralled.

The human body and the amazing engineering within comes to the obvious when we start to look at the body as an engineered genius. What is the heart but a pump, the limbs but joints, blood an intricate work of plumbing, and nerves but wires.

So what greatness is a device that can make people who can neither talk not move by their own now do both with ease to the common man bestowed with the powers of motion and speech? In my honest opinion- Zilch. As of now, the Audeo is the new baby technology that does its rounds to collect its fair share of awe and dough. But looking beyond the economic prosperity, let’s take a little trip in extrapolation, if only you would remove that skeptic’s hat and rationale behind.

The nervous system is a loose analogy to an electrical circuit. Only instead of a direct potential difference as in electricity, neurons (the wires here) do their job with the help of chemicals that create a similar potential (synapses). It is therefore only logical to try and tap this potential to draw the causal relationships that govern the human brain and perhaps try replicating it. In fact, contemporary electro encephalograms are based on plotting the neurotic wave pattern. To state it simply enough, the Audeo works by converting certain neuron pulses into electric ones and then act upon the latter.

Getting down to the extrapolation now, let us consider the possibility of the reverse (converting electric impulses to neuron ones) being possible (I see no reason why it shouldn’t). Imagine creating an electro-mechanical arm that moves and works just like a real one. People with severed limbs can just fit one to the stub of their joints. While prosthetics have been widely available for over a good half a century and perhaps more, imagine the possibility of an artificial limb that not only moves, shakes and wrings just as a normal hand would, but also feels. Amongst the sensory perceptions, it is without doubt that the sense of touch is given a lesser than least respect. But we often do not realize that the perfect equilibrium in holding an egg is only made possible because the hand realizes the opposing pressure acting on it. But for the pressure detectors in the form of intricate nerve endings on the fingers, the egg would be simply squashed.

Pressure sensors, heat sensors and converting these signals into any form we require is simpler today than writing this sentence. If it were possible to convert these into a form understandable by the nervous system (brain/ CNS), we can practically replicate sensory organs with cheaper and more widely available responsive prosthetics.

The high point of my imagination is when the eyes can be replaced by auto focus low power cameras, limbs with robotic prosthetics, smell with olfactory detectors, ears with minute microphones etc (not able to bypass taste though). A complete human requiring just a brain and a spine (for central nervous coordination)- the rest substituted by robotic components.

As a final blow, reality is merely the interpretation of our sensory perceptions (which is why we are calmed or irked by some kinds of lights, music, pictures, temperature, environ, smell etc). By replicating the sensory stimuli, we can ideally create a false reality- MATRIX style. To think about it, this might even eventually be required. To ensure that we do not continue littering about, we might simply be slipped into a virtual world which our senses convince us to be real. Perhaps we would simply live in a world of supposed reality just so as to ensure sustenance of our world. Maybe we voluntarily entered a make believe world where life, death, pain and joy are stimulated responses much like a computer game. May be we already are there and determine ourselves to assume otherwise.

Welcome to the MATRIX

Who will cry… If they were your neighbors!

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Santhosh got this amazing idea of dream neighbors he’d love to have…. And thinking about it, here goes my list of neighbors (If you have no clue about why Im writing this, drop by santhosh’s post and clear up)

I’d be really pushed to say I want ‘hot chick’ right next door. But then, on second thought, if im imagining things, Id rather she lived within MY door!

contender 2 would be Little Sooooper Star Simbu (Chimbu?). But well, then again, Id like to have him stay in a maatu kottai. And since it would be too much of an insult to the cows (maadu= god here), the cows can stay in the house. (Although their kaalai kadamaigal shall only be in the maatu kottai, to provide the apt ambience for our little super star). contender 2 is highly interchangable with wazzisname who starred in Monisha-en monalisa

contender 3 is George W Bush. I assume the only place he wouldn’t bomb for financial gain is his own backyard- so atleast my house is safe!

contender 4 is Sonia Agarwal with “actress” sneha on a twin sharing basis. Red colored street lights are good for the eyes!

contender 5 is Paerarasu (sorry to steal your neighbor, santhosh). I’d just sit through with him during his deep story-line thoughts. Maybe Id learn a thing or two about getting the courage to go ahead with an idea that is an isult to the intelligence of even a UN sec general

contender 5 would definitely be Michael Moore. Evenings when Mr. Paerarasu is busy doing something more productive (like… umm… err… HYPOTHETICALLY) id entertain myself listening to how Bush is planning to kill our entire neighborhood by planting snort sensitive explosives in our kleenex

contender 6 is Gen. Mushraff. Its my good deed of the day, trying to find a home for the homeless. Moreover, it would be fun to watch Mushraff congratulate Simbu and Paerarasu for their contribution to art, plan driving them out of the neighborhood with Bush, squel it out to Moore and take refuge at Sneha’s!

contender 7 is Superman. Finally, id get to bawl and show who’s more powerful. Superman does not exist… I rest my case!

Note: I am also assuming I have a nice hummer and I can run any neighbor down when I wish!

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