Theology and the Science of God

June 13, 2007 at 9:09 am | Posted in bong, King markiV returns | 5 Comments

This is an actual unedited passage I fell upon here.


Hence, more science and technology is bad for the civilization. I had completed civil engineering. Hence I am privy to scientific knowledge. I can tell you how corrupting that is. It even makes you question the glorious Quran.

EARTH IS FLAT There are many Hadiths, which say that the earth is flat. But any science will tell you the earth is a sphere. But you can use the same science like the relativity theory to prove that the earth is flat. It is the same case with evolution. But the point being that doubt is sown in the minds of the people on the validity of the Quran as the word of God. More and more we work hard to prove the Quran’s scientific correctness, more and more people will get apprehensive of the truth of the Quran. This is an abomination.

Now, I really am not against islam, so before you start a stupid thread about your 2-bit beliefs, let me put this on the table.
Just as there are idiots in any other field- politics, sports, academics, or any other platform on the lime light, there are quite a few in religion as well. Yours and mine.

The really irritating part is some of these idiots think they can make decisions and act the spokesperson for every believer that falls under them. And hilarious as these unprocessed dip-shit messages are, they certainly are scary. Think about the number of fresh fanatics that would get their eyes onto this page… The influence it would create… Shyam would call this freedom of speech. I say this is the heights of irresponsibility. Trust me- the world doesn’t need any more disharmony than there already is.

Well, the country blocking these pages would make it take too much of a communist stand. Hanging the idiots who proudly host this on would affect the ‘minorities’.
IP Tracing and getting cyber crime shoot down these guys in their night clothes would be anti-left (since anything pro technology is anti-left, except possibly the clay bread oven… oh wait, that hurts the income of the yet-to-be-evolved)

Coming back to what I was talking about- Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism and every other religion ever created came to be for a reason- to make the world a better place. I often wonder what the proud Jehadi’s who wish to convert the world to Islam by force or terror would do once the entire world became Islamic? All loaded with their guns and knives and be jobless, having to slit each other’s throat cos that is the only thing they know!!!

ps: Seriously? Earth- flat? Relativity? How could someone so dumb remember to breathe 70 times a minute? Wondering….


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  1. Religion, these days is becoming a tool for propogation. Of self ! No matter how much each religion talks about being selfless !

    Where are we headed ?!

  2. Dude what is this post about? science and islam (or for that matter any religion) or socialism and science or some random toughts about various religions.

  3. @kavi: well, man just needs something to fight.. something to call his own, n be fanatical about… it just gives life a meaning… atleast superficially..

    @prabhu: random!

  4. W O A H!
    I thought only those who licked a frozen pole on the street were stupid…

    I can’t begin tellin ya how far contradiction’s coming along at this point of time…AT THIS POINT OF TIME! SOMEONE! WAKE THEM UP!

    (what the world needs, King markiV should really accompany him..or..maybe..he..should..accompany you..or..maybe..I should stop writing this…and you..can choose whichever way you like…unlike……those chickenmonkys..bast…funkers..)

  5. To all those fanatics…be it the RSS or this absolutely adorable organisation who put up the stuff on ur link….

    I stare at their thoughts of blunder
    I stare in ceaseless wonder
    at the page of wholly incensive text
    that advocates intolerance under Islamic pretext
    Blindly their frustration they unleash
    trussed up in the dark of their fundamentalist creche’
    not to build but blindly destroy first
    a misinformed, misshapen,abominable thirst
    To raise their heads they no not aim
    they prefer rather to put others to shame
    while others fall, they rise, they presume
    the very purity of their Gods they consume
    in pain’s pursuit,victory they glorify
    in their very downfall, their pleasure manifold they fortify.

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