Hell Met? I was hoping better…

June 4, 2007 at 9:31 am | Posted in bong | 9 Comments

The helmet rule finally went live on Friday last. I guess with all the reservation for the oppressed and the downtrodden minorities, the state wanted the aliens to feel home. True to their faith, the city looked like an astronaut carnival.

Our own friendly neighborhood kaaval-thurai mamas (police-kaarr) have been really hot in the rear. After a millennia of nothingness, the indigestion seems to have got to them. Either that or the rising standard of living (more rules to follow= more rules to break= more maamool for mama) has got them actually doing something other than seizing the ten bucks from kids no taller than the note for crimes as audacious as standing on the wrong lane on Peter’s road (like someone actually cares!). Look at the past few months- the triangular ‘alexander square- little mount- raj bhavan’ one way with the equally ingenius X signs… the excellently inefficient road expansion on the velacherry- tharamani road… the extra-safety camouflaged barricades that magically block arterial roads at night, ensuring a quick and painless escapade to the ‘next’ stage… And now the helmet rule… Actually I guess this is the first rule that actually was something good for the public at large…

But well, since when did we actually care about people. Even if that included us!
Lets make a sensation and try to get a better TRP rating, if not the vote bank.


(A chick actually said that! Im trying to get hold of that video btw- could I get a rerun of Jaya News somewhere? This is the perfect example of where lateral thinking overruns natural stupidity…)

With mamas becoming millionaires in just two days, the folks decided to invest a bit on their head- so a drive down to the helmet shop follows. This was where I got my first ever helmet. And the second… And consequently every helmet I or my friends bought. Now, this shop guy is a total wuzz- “Saar, try this Saar. Saar if you where this helmet you look just like Shah Rukh Khan when he wears this helmet Saar!!!!”

And now he wants us to stand in a queue on the road. He’s hired a fellow dip-shit that waves a lathi at us menacingly. Im just taking in the disgust of the poor customer service and the change of the tides… Worsened by the squels of happiness as the guy behind exchanges excitedly on his phone… And tada- he breaks the news… “The rule has been lifted, use your head- Get out of here!!!”

I saw a dozen leave with me- a dozen more to closely follow… Its back to good ole saar days, wuzzie…

So I come back home and tune in to what exactly the new rule is. It so turns out that the rule reads “Helmet unga paadhukaapukaage daan. Viruppapadravange helmet podalaam”


(Helmet is for your protection. Those who wish to wear a helmet for their own safety can wear one).

I am astounded at the sheer decisiveness and perfect- loophole less laws that our able leaders can conjure…

Someone please educate the big rule makers about the difference between a RULE and a ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST MESSAGE


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  1. This was only good rule that government tried to impose… probably they also realized that it is good. Guess they didn’t like this change in attitude (i.e. doing good to ppl) ,so went back to old style ,withdraw the helmet rule make it just a punch statement “wearing helmet is for personal safety”

  2. heh those copic strips are amazing. maybe they can make it compulsory only for highways, still i understand it is only for our safety

  3. dude, u dint even care to mention that even kids should be wearing it(tho its lifted now) that was classic political comedy in its true sense…
    imagine a kid of age 10, wearing an out sized helmet!heh heh

  4. hell you :), my id changed!

    btw, my real name, nandini…Nice reading your blog :))

  5. rule’s passed and done with in blore.
    but namma bengalooru police mama accepts anything above 20 bucks.
    so there

  6. Hi da ,

    I never thought i would be contacting you through your blog!!!..

    And I withdraw my words that i had told u in the 4th sem(Hope u Havnt forgotten wat i said)…seriously.. I dint mean it…:)

    All your post’s are great dude.. Well wat happened to ur mobile??? have u changed ur number or have i lost it.. can u just mail me ur number…raghulr@gmail.com..

    Thx da..

  7. @Prabhu-> well, good or bad is again perspective…

    @Barbi-> 🙂

    @hantan-> imagine a kid of age 10 with a broken head. ananth, i cannot imagine how one could be so stone hearted…. wait a minute… which side am i???!!!

    @Shock Effect->noted.. marked… linked… shock- effected (*amazed at self made mokkai… bows graciously*)

    @santhosh-> inga i dunno hw much mama will make… i first thought the rule was ‘either wear helmet, or pay mama’… but its just ‘either wear helmet and pay mama for something else or dont wear helmet and dont get harassed at all’

    @GtG-> u r forgiven! but pls pls pls pls know the difference between a blogroll and an email…

    3:42 PM

  8. Bloop. Blah. Bloop.
    Love the “toons”

  9. if any politician start helmet factory, then thr will be a rule( message in public intrest) to wear helmet whenever u r on the road, does not matter u r drving 2 wheeler/ driving 4 wherelr or even walking.

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