Thank You, PSBB

May 29, 2007 at 1:16 pm | Posted in life | 7 Comments

Back in my school days, I always found it kind of over-senti when older and wiser minds sang about how school is so amazing, and how the days gone by would never come back. Actually I still think it’s a little too much.
True, my days at PSBB KKN were truly amazing. I know that life will never return. But if I want to play catch and live that carefree life, with 2 months of holidays after a year of just having fun, and investing daddy’s 2 rupees on ABH rasna and bhel puri, I’d have to be a retard. Which I am most often, but still…

I mean, its only human to compare and reminisce, right? My married colleagues tell me how wonderful bachelor life is, and how its never going to return. And those with kids think about the days of private intimacy before the crying maniac came in. And then, the folks are always about the days when kids were sissies when they’re all grown up.

Yes I love those days, and I love today. And definitely being a highly advanced species (So says Darwin), I thank yesterday for what I am today.

In that respect, I can never forget those days. After all, 15 years of your life is a really big percentage when you are just a little over 2 decades yourself!

Chancing upon the site today stirred a lot of emotions and memories. Little flashy flashy images zooming in and then slowly fading away, to be replaced by another clearer, more powerful image…

The announcement. The glory of the day when they gave me that badge. “Vikram Bhaskaran- SPL of PSBB…”
The school pledge that I f***ed up… Hamsa Ma’m giving me sound advice at least thrice. Every week.
The fights with Harsha.
The backseat romance movies by the “Classroom Romantics”
Adzap and JAM. Victory in every culturals in the city.
Doctor screaming “Vikrem Baaskaeer”, with a half irritated, half scowl and a teensy weensy apparent sarcasm…
Comedy interludes… Fights… More comedy… Fights… Sights… More sights…. Fights because of sights…
More screw-ups.
Srimathi ma’m classes. Bunking them. Standing outside with the “I was abducted by aliens” look the next day as she screams “Eruma Maadu”…

And then, the first crush, first visit to the principal’s office… friends solidarity… friends betrayal…

For the sage truth to learn from every one, and shape a better person.

Thank the few that showed me what I was meant to be, and the many others for what I’d rather not.

Thank you for teaching me ‘working of a nuclear reactor’ and ‘integral calculus’ and ‘rotational motion’ and ‘forces’ and ‘Muma Priyam Kavihi (Sanskrit)’ and ‘Reticulate venation’ and ‘covalent bonds’ and ‘The Highway Man’ and ‘Ogden Nash’ and cursive writing and the English alphabet.

But even more, thank you for making me what I am…

To Swamy, Viggy, Sai, NA, Varun R Dass, Vinay, CA, Abhi, Shyam, Karu, Mama, Bhuvi, Govi, Usha, Janani Natrajan, Harsha, George, Ann, Meenu, Koushik, Peter, Gundan, Siddharth, Shreya, Prabha Sarangi, Mitchelle, Prabha S, Shama, Naraen, Athulan, AK, Sandy, Nisha, Rohini, Guru Bhaskar, Deeraj, Shruthi, Sharanya, Usha Ma’m, Jaishree Ma’m, Doctor, RaVey, Mangi, GeGo, MaSa, G.V, Geeta Ma’m, Padmini Ma’m, Hamsa, C.S and the million others for the lift ups and put downs, the braves, taunts, support and ridicule, Love and Spite….

PS: The site has like a thousand broken links and the alumni lead page is dead end, but i think its just under construction. Lookie the cool ‘Holiday Homework’ and other floating “flash news”. Takes me to the nightmarish memories of AnnaUniv results link, but its really good. Just wondering whoever does the holiday homework!!!!


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  1. Dear Vikram,
    Yes da…I love the old Alma Mater…I too can tell you stories of crushes and betrayals and whatnot…and when it rains…drizzles…I am taken back to those days when we waites in anxiety to hear the intercom go “school will be closed in the afternoon due to inclement weather”…K.K.N is not a great place, but PSBB KKN is the greatest place in Chennai as far as I am concerned.
    Good post…nice flow.


  2. HAHA, being at PSBB for those 3 years was quite the experience; learning about India, people making fun of my accent, and finally learning tamil especially slang tamil (mainly thanks to you). I loved how I would get sick so much and had to miss classes all the time cause of the heat, food etc. PSBB brings back alot of great memories for me, and I’m really glad I met you and those wonderful moments shape who I am today.
    Lots of love,

  3. How come u missed Dimond manda(Simon) da?

  4. hmmm…..guess we share a common alma mater. Took me back to the good ‘ol days in PSBB 🙂
    Good blog…but I’m still confused on your comment on mine.

  5. yus!! srimathi ma’am!! that woman OWNSSSSSSSSS…:-D

    yeah i know this is a prehistoric blogpost, but anyway.

  6. This is Vikram Bhaskar’s Blog?! THE Vikram Bhaskar? Hell! If there were a celebrity SPL it was you. Greetings from a junior still in awe.

    P.S: How bout that bout with Parthasarathy? Or am I kicking up too much dust from underneath your carpet?

  7. Psbb you’ve ruined evrything.I will throw you away

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