Sexy aint Security!

May 22, 2007 at 1:34 pm | Posted in King markiV returns, life | Leave a comment

A great trek to the silicon valley of India. I knew better than to expect anything more than a stiff leg and an aching back to attract me to KPN Travels (on a different note, why are Travels in present perfect? Wouldn’t it be better to put in something more noun-ish, like say traveller or travel-channel??)

Anyways, it must have been a wonder how I slept so bad, but i woke up to realize my mobile was not in its usual places (front pocket- check, side pocket- check, ear- check).

There is always a time that calls upon remorse and guilt. The ghost of my ex mobile- the big fat old 6600 haunted me that day- in my pursuit of a slimmer, sleeker, easier model i had effectively called off the amazing security features that the big gal offered. I cannot remember a single moment when i had to question her presence. She was always there, stuck like a wart. And if by happen chance she departed, i could feel the buoyancy on my trousers.

Not now, with the stylish model I got. Yes, she was the dream when she was. A bountiful when I needed her. Violent sounds to grab my attention. The gentle caress as I held her close. And when I had more pressing tasks at hand, she would lie quietly. Always with me, but springing to life only when I called for… Taking as much joy in silence below. So much that she could have as well not been around, magically appearing just at my call. That was the greatest glamor that i saw in her.
And that has been her greatest downfall. The love still holds. But as with every relationship of this genre, death, escapade, failure or hatred- getting back is never an option.

The short of it, my phone was flicked a few days back. Quite obviously with the sim, memory card and all (of course, the charger and the handsfree is still with me). I now got a contraption of a mobile simply because i cannot like any mobile more than my RAZR and I still dont want to get back to her, now that she’s gone.
So for communication purposes, please drop a mail to:
with your NAME and MOBILE NUMBER and ill call you, or just reply with my number if that gets too expensive.

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