When Hell Freezes Over

April 20, 2007 at 3:20 pm | Posted in bong, King markiV returns | 2 Comments

Its Morning…
Driving down, i fear all the metal in my bike would melt with the murderous heat. i get feelings of the climax scene of T2… the mercury is evaporating in my therometer. the rice is getting cooked by itself.
I dream of Polar Bears…
its sub zero at my cubicle… And i am half way between freezing and exasperation…

Its not really the temperature that is as much the problem. Used to my lovely city, blistering heat and air conditioners… Nothing seems as dreamy or picture perfect as thoughts of Alaska, in the midst of our dearie summer chennai, right at work. Thats ok.
It just gets to you when:
1) you need to carry a jacket or wear thermal suits- and folks on the road look at you like a misplaced astronaut
2) get out to take a walk and your body instantaneously has to decide between a frost bite and a sun burn
3) sit down with your cuppa- take a sip, burn your tongue, set it down… and VIOLA.. friazzo mocha!!!

now, it doesnt make things any easier having the a.c. vent giving me a first hand atmosphere… nor does the dream of alaska….

RANDOM RANTS!!!Sad (somewhere between a dune and an icicle!!)



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  1. it is summer time and the weather is hot……
    and ya GB road isnt featured on yellow pages..jus make u sure to visit new delhi railway station

  2. hehehe!
    Nice imagination 😛

    Peace & Love

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