Paintings and Posters

March 23, 2007 at 11:08 am | Posted in bong | 3 Comments

I just read an old blog of Suderman that speaks about the difference between a painting and a poster. Yes, both of these are just colors on the canvas. But while a poster aims at expressing an idea for people to understand in the first 5 seconds, a painting is an extension into the artist’s mind… It is not the aim of a painter that his creation be understood by all. It is his expression, his thought, his idea. Acceptance is hardly his claim.
A poster is just the opposite. An aim of a poster is not how creative the maker is. Yes, creativity is important. But a highly creative, beautiful poster often loses out to a plainer version, which transmits the message across.
I wouldn’t even know if that is a choice we make, or its just in-born. For a very long time, I took it below my self to just design a poster. I considered myself an artist. Ole’ Leo and Mike themselves.
All that mattered to me was I understood my words.
But when it comes to your monthly bread, posters rule the day. And that is where I figure that it is in fact my inability here. True, I write better than normal mortals. But since when did normal mortals even figure here? Amongst a sea of dedicated poster makers, I sometimes feel I’m lost out. Keep it short- Keep it simple- Don’t make me think- Cut out the Alliterations…
Finally we have an excellent poster, that makes me deserve the food I eat.
I need to de-stress. I sit, stretch out my canvas, and try to create my masterpiece.. And what I have is a crazy mix up between a poster and a painting (posting???)
And still I keep screaming… LOCK ME UP!!!!!!!!

Random Retrospect

March 5, 2007 at 2:39 pm | Posted in life | 4 Comments

disclaimer: I know Im pretty weak when it comes to poetry… rather ANYTHING serious… but well this is just an attempt… so the usual- if you think this is good, leave along a comment… If you think it sucks- print it out n shove it up your ass for all I care!

A song I write, My dreams I tell

How I held on heaven, sold on hell

As I sit back to muse the times that were

My soul got burnt, with all that fur

Once a kid, as a kid can be

Child like, sweet, the summer breeze

I doubt it now, was it even me?

Are those my rings, on that broken tree?

Now I sleep, my kingdom of wants

Every day is a combo of raves n rants

Bravado indeed in downs n taunts

But no time to sing, no mood to dance

Was that life better- no thoughts? No wish?

A life no different from cuttle fish?

Another day is jus over-time

Not worth a penny, when you care a dime!

Today I yearn the earth and sky

My name to scream- the greatest high

Every time I fall, another try

Jus beatin on harder, till I die

And you ask me what- here’s my bit

Two cents worth to try to fit

The bliss you wish is worth the shit

But what is that and where is it?

Few words I write, do I doubt my mind?

Cos I’ll give it all, in cash or kind?

Forever searching, do I want me back?

Or am I the vegetable in my sack?

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