How does this affect you

February 22, 2007 at 5:41 pm | Posted in bong | 10 Comments

what hits you??????
how does this affect you?
what do you think this is??
what chord does this play?

is what you feel because of the design? the color? the layout?




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  1. it reminds me ofthe wrapper of a chocolate that i ate (and in turn ruined my diet regime)

  2. I keep asking questions like these every time I make something new in PS.

    Nevertheless, it somehow reminds me of a spiraling mountain.


  3. okay, now shiny green cloth.

  4. it looks to me a photoshop creation

  5. WoWWW!! such amazing genius to run through my space!!!

    hmmm.. well ankit- its not a ps creation.. its the wierd goo that the alien dropped on my scanner the las time he dropped by!! DUH!!!
    the question isn’t wat made this- its wat do u feel…

  6. who the bloody hell is this MarkIV.

  7. a fit enough question from “anonymous”!!!

  8. I think its a cloth kept on a transparent glass table and the picture is taken from beneath.

  9. if ever there was GREEN WINE….
    looked like…
    Ripples of it!!!

  10. A mosquito’s perspective of the inside of a troll’s nose maybe? I knew you weren’t beyond using mosquitoes to spy.

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