January 31, 2007 at 10:29 am | Posted in bong | 7 Comments

There’s this poem called Kubla Khan. Coleridge, the guy who wrote it, got drugged and penned the most wonderful masterpeice ever, until halfway through when he is disturbed by the FedEX guys or something…. He comes back to complete the line but doesn’t get the groove.

I know a lot of writers feel this way. I have fallen prey innumerable times. It isn’t just for the literary types with iron thoughts that diffuse at the slightest- I feel it even over a crossword. And I attribute it to my superior thinking capabilities. If you can boast of a thought process, that doesn’t waver even when a dynamite goes off under you, its time for professional help. Manufacturing defect in either your head or your under!

In which aspect, I find it cruel to be made to work in an office- where people walk by, talk, distract… mails come and go… DTD phones that keep ringing… Lunch hours… Let me get serious- I don’t get an award winning idea too often. And every time I DO get one, the idea of letting it vaporize with the sound of that coffee vending machine is not the least bit appeasing!

Coincidentally, it turns out that my line of work is such I CAN NOT work from home. And I keep screaming I’m ANTI SOCIAL. They ought to lock me away in safe houses- with some peace and quiet.



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  1. Yeah i have read kubla khan…and btw penning down the fuse goin off…is quite a good idea…!! lol

    Hey u betta tag me…else u shall be murdered

  2. i often get my best ideas or lines
    for a poem in the middle of the
    night and then…

    it vaporizes the next day and
    of course i should write it down
    but i am usually half asleep and
    too tired…


  3. i agree. you ought to be locked away 🙂

  4. .. d best way to get thru something really boring.. is to imagine how it would appear in my blogspot…n structuring the words for d post..n i dont let it vapourise tat easily ..!!

    btw.. i’m taggin u in … 🙂

  5. so does that say something about the award winning idea, or something about the guy gettin it?

  6. hi mark..my name is ruchika, and i heard of you from sharon. i run a company called wordsetc. we are a copy/writing service, and we are looking for some ppl to write blogs…and get PAID for it.
    let me know if you’re interested…
    mail me on wordsetc.online@gmail.com if you are..ruchika

  7. hmmm… fishin?? for ME???? and on MY BLOG??????????????????????

    …its a small world after all….

    danku danku danku….

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