Foto Marathon

January 20, 2007 at 10:16 am | Posted in King markiV returns | 5 Comments

Now.. I ve been out of Orkutting for quite a while (cos its really really gettin repetitive, boring n repetitively boring). So i just log in to check if there’s any ‘IMPORTANT’ mail or messages there…

OK, I accept- was kinda jobless so Orkut temptation temporarily over ruled me! Anyways, I check my messages there- and its flooded with this “Social awareness” thingy with like a million ppl advising everyone on their list to put a plea to Orkut to restrict copying their fotos.
The idea is that miscreant on the web dig out pictures of innocent gals(in obscene poses probably) and use it against world peace!

Now now… Yes i totally understand that even pretty plain pictures could be morphed by any photoshop novice to mimic Dr.Prakash’s stars… And Im against that. Seriously I am. But ppl, this is the internet- the GOD DAMN FREE FOR ALL INTERNET! You aint gonna fix a control for ANY damn info on the web cos there are ways to capture ANY DAMN THING on the screen!

So whats the solution? Do we just pray and advice for universal good? We know thats not happening.
Simple: Avalo bayam irundha mooditu foto va remove panradhu. Adhu enna ‘moi huggin ma teddy’ nu bikini pottitu foto va yum podanum… pasanga jollu vida koodadhu na epidi…

This is eyarkai (nature)



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  1. hahahahahahahahaha! typical 🙂 same old,same old !

  2. hmm.. not a very good post to start with.. but anyways.. im sure ul come up with something better next time !! i guess , the drop in stds shld be blamed on all the coding uve been doing for birlasoft !!

  3. @schm…-> ya.. well- its fun to get a brand image… gettin typical is a side effect.. but i told u- my brain s severely addled..
    @giri-> THIS IS NOT THE START. this is the second post dude! Im not into codin. n i m not wit bsoft ne more:-)

  4. Ummm….

  5. lol!!! very true….’me and my best friend’ having fun in goa (of course u know the setting!!!)

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