Mark II reality

January 17, 2007 at 9:06 am | Posted in King markiV returns | 2 Comments

Those times of markiV the first were truly quite remarkable… Beautiful poems, Stories that touched the heart… Romance… Tragedy…
What crap!
So, i forgot my password- AGAIN. And as an added feature, the one to the e-mail that gets the notification for lost passwords as well!
And its becoming too much of an exercise to even say or type out (just thought Id do it- one last time!).
So here goes a new space!
I promise this blog, like the previous blog, is not going to be Shakespeare revamped either (I hear that guy’s been a dupe all along, so revamping Shakespeare would be revamping something that’s been revamped already. Which just makes plagiarism a bit too confusing even for Kaavya Vishwanathan!!!).
Anyways, I just thought Id put down a couple of ‘Best of Mark’ writes here (I’m running out of nuclear waste to energise my thought process).
And I never got to write about the new buzz words around blogosphere so Im gonna do just that in a while- the seven wonders, the hanging gardens of yester world Babylon, the hanging presidents of present world Babylon… (FYI Babylon was somewhere around Iraq- so the analogy stands!)

And LOTS more cynicism.


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  1. Mark IV to the people!

  2. nope.. i claim mark IV all to myself… but the people can do with my 2 cent thoughts(a little over rated at 2 cents- but im king so i decide!!!)

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